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You do most of the work --- If you are prepared to take on most of the project yourself, start with the Brazos Modular Double Stack (MDS) Frame.   Choose from a short/wide frame that matches nicely with a classic (scallop profile) slide or a long/wide frame that matches nicely with a unique (block profile) slide. 

Bonus:  With the purchase of a shortblock, get 10% OFF the parts required to complete your build.

MDS Frame Specifications



  • Frames are not caliber specific



  • Cut from 4140 pre-hardened barstock. Because we cut from already hardened barstock there is no distortion caused by heat treat after machining.

  • Extra material is at both the front and rear of the frame for blending to match the slide once the barrel is fit

  • Frame rails have extra bearing surface for a smoother, longer lasting slide-to-frame fit. They are cut in the same setup as the dustcover resulting in parallel surfaces left-to right and top-to-bottom

  • All edges have been radiused/chamfered for smooth operation and feel.

  • The frame has been optimized to work with both the polymer STI grip and the Cheely steel grip. Either of these grips can be installed with little or no fitting. There is a small amount of extra material in the grip safety area for blending

Additional Components:

  • “Matched” hammer and sear pin are provided with each frame. Pins are sorted by size in 0.0002 inch increments, then individually matched to each frame for a tight, “no-play” fit. Particular attention has been paid to hole location and size. This makes for an easier trigger job because the hammer and sear engagement surfaces are square.

  • Option -- Drilled and tapped for scopemount (+$50.00); C-More plus 2 pattern (5 holes on 0.375 centers)

Custom configurations:

Available.  Call for more information (254-622-2245)


Not sure if you can build your own gun…or just need some help?  Look to our Knowledge Center/Publications for help.  Start with the “Build Your Own Gun” article.  If you are comfortable with the procedures we talk about then you should be good to go.  We are continually adding more blogs to help your BYOG project be successful.

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