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Depending on which frame assembly you’ve chosen you may need to select some major components: Slide, Barrel, Compensator.  In all cases, you’ll need the internal parts and any accessories you may want to add.  Not sure what you will need or what will work best?  Let us help.  Purchase your frame assembly and then reach out to us.  Let us know what type of gun you are building, and we will send you a suggested shopping list of parts. As an added bonus, you will get 10% OFF the parts you may need to complete your build.

Not sure if you can build your own gun… or just need some help?  Look to our Knowledge Center/Publications for help.  Start with the “Build Your Own Gun” article.  If you are comfortable with the procedures we talk about then you should be good to go.  We are continually adding more blogs to help your BYOG project be successful.


Let us do most or only some of the machining on the slide.  Or do it all yourself.  A Brazos slide is a good match for a Brazos frame.  Choose:

  • Brazos Lightning Slides – We radically lighten and do most of the necessary machining work for you: Flat topped, Brazos holes in the front, front and rear sight cuts, rear bullet cocking serrations. Open style slides include a scalloped rear, a slot for barrel ports, and optional installed ZigRacker.  Available in both unique and classic styles in 9/38 Super, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP calibers.

  • Do It Yourself (DIY) Limited Slides - We have done some of the machining for you: Flat topped, front and rear cuts sights, rear bullet cocking serrations.  Available in both unique and classic styles in 9/38 Super, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP calibers.

  • Brazos Bald Slides - Do your own machining and add your own artistry.  “Bald” means no sight cuts, no serrations, no logos.  Available in both unique and classic styles and in 9/38 Super, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP calibers.

We have barrels and compensators for your particular build.  The barrels and comps we sell are a good match for your Brazos slide.  Choose: 

  • Bar-Sto Barrels – Bull, bushing, threaded bull, or threaded cone barrel manufactured by Bar-Sto Precision Machine, recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of pistol barrels.

  • One-Piece Barrel Comp – A one-piece barrel comp design that further minimizes necessary machining and fitting.  This short-chambered .355 barrel that can be chambered for 9mm, 38 Super, or 38 Supercomp.  Fabricated out of a single piece of rifle grade stainless steel so you won’t have to screw on the compensator nor worry about it coming loose.  Available with a blank comp or our popular Thundercomp 2 compensator cuts. 

  • Thundercomp II Compensator -- A traditional screw-on compensator.  The up ports have been cut deep with squared off bottoms for maximum volume. The up ports are smaller towards the front to equalize the down force as gas pressure lessens. Additional ports on each side create side force vectors that make the gun track straight up and down. Available in both bull and cone styles for 9x19 and 38 Super calibers.


You’ll need all the internal parts as well as any accessories you might want to add to your gun.  The parts we manufacture and sell have been selected/proven to be a good match for our frames and assemblies.  Choose:

  • Brazos Pro Performance Tuned Parts – As close to drop-in as possible, we pre-fit and tuned these parts.  Think tuned trigger group, tuned ejector, tuned extractor, etc.

  • Brazos Manufactured Parts – An ever-expanding line of parts that we either manufacture ourselves or have manufactured to our specs by industry leaders.  Designed to work especially well with our frames and assemblies.  

  • Leading Manufacturers’ Parts – We are a reseller of parts produced by many of the top manufactures in the gun industry.  To name a few: C-More, Dawson Precision, EGW, MBX Extreme, Wilson Combat, Wolff Gunsprings.  We offer for sale only parts that we have tried and tested and found to be the best.

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