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The Brazos Pro full custom line of pistols set the standard for custom pistolsmithing. These are true custom guns built to your specifications.  Bob spends time with you discussing your particular needs in a gun. Then together you decide what type of pistol will best fit your individual shooting ability and style. He will also get a print of your shooting hand to use as the basis for fitting the gun to you.  This custom fitting will alleviate pressure points and enable you to get a stronger, higher grip on the pistol to let you better control recoil and improve accuracy. Since this firearm is highly customized there will be a longer wait and build time.

All Brazos guns are built exclusively by Bob – no assembly line and no junior/trainee gunsmith working on your pistol.  We use only top quality parts that are hand-fitted and hand tuned to ensure maximum performance and reliability. We manufacture many parts in-house or have them made to our specs by industry leaders.  At the end of the build process each gun is test fired for function and accuracy.  Bob test fires your gun prior to coating and then again after coating.  As a part of the final (after coating) test fire, he sights the gun in so that it is ready to go out of the box.  

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