??? How Do I Order a Gun or Frame Over the Internet ???


Using the Internet to assist you in ordering a gun is easy.  Begin by browsing the online information available on our site to determine exactly which gun and options you would like.  Then call us at 254-622-2245 to place your order, arrange for payment, and provide us your FFL information (name of dealer to whom we are to ship the gun).


According to ATF regulations, we can ship complete guns, frames, short blocks, slide-to-frame fits, 10/22 receivers, or any other serialized item only to a business with a current, signed FFL (Federal Firearms License) on record with us.  Although the sales transaction will be concluded between you and Brazos Custom, a local FFL dealer operating in your state of residence must receive the gun and then “transfer” it to you.  This transfer will require the FFL dealer to:

The FFL dealer will likely be familiar with this procedure and will, in most cases, charge you a small fee for completing the transfer.