Steelmaster by STI

STI Steelmaster - Smaller, lighter, and faster! 

STI Steelmaster

Discontinued - No Longer Available

Based on the renowned STI race pistol design, the SteelMaster is a shorter and lighter pistol that allows for faster target acquisition with reduced muzzle flip and dip.  Designed to shoot factory 9mm (minor) ammo, this gun delivers all the advantages of a full size race pistol in a smaller, lighter, faster reacting, and less violent package. 

The Steelmaster is built on the patented modular steel frame with polymer grip.  It has a 4.15" classic slide which has been flat topped.  Slide lightening cuts on the front and rear further reduce weight while "Sabertooth" serrations further enhance the aesthtics of this superior pistol.  It also uses the innovative Trubor compensated barrel which has been designed to eliminate misalignment of the barrel and compensator bore or movement of the compensator on the barrel. The shorter Trubor barrel system in the SteelMaster gives an even greater reduction in muzzle flip, and the shorter slide decreases overall slide cycle time allowing the shooter to achieve faster follow up shots.   The SteelMaster is mounted with a C-More, 6-minute, red-dot scope with blast shield and thumb rest.  Additional enhancements include aluminum magwell, stainless steel ambidextrous safeties, stainless steel high rise grip safety, STIís "Spur" hammer, STIís RecoilMaster guide rod system, and checkered front strap and mainspring housing.

With an overall weight of 38.9 oz, the SteelMaster is significantly lighter in weight than full size race pistols.  The STI SteelMaster is available in 9mm only.

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Steelmaster Specifications


9mm minor


STI patented modular steel


STI patented modular polymer with Aluminum Magwell and Drilled & Tapped Magazine Release


Sabertooth rear serrations slide lightening in the front and rear


STI long curved


STI 4.15" fully supported, ramped ONE PIECE bull (Truor) barrel with integrated T1 compensator


STI stainless grip safety and ambi thumb safety

Guide Rod

5-inch, light Recoilmaster


C-More Railway with 6MOA

Overall Length

9.5 inches


Approx. 38.9 oz. (including scope and mount)



Magazine Comes with one 126 mm magazine
Competition Approvals IPSC, USPSA, Bianchi Cup, Steel Challenge

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