STI Trojan 5

STI Trojan 5" - Top-line quality at mid-line price!

STI Trojan 5

Discontinued - No Longer Available

The five-inch STI Trojan represents a truly unique blend of John Browning's 1911 design and today's modern technology.  Standard features like a high-rise grip safety, undercut trigger guard, polymer trigger, flat top slide, STIppled front strap, match barrel, and adjustable sights make this a premier pistol for any avocation or profession.

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Trojan 5" Specifications


9 mm


STI standard, single stack, steel  government size frame with STIppled front strap


Rosewood thin panels


5 classic slide flat topped

Slide Features

STI front and rear serrations


STI long curved


STI fully supported, bushing barrel


STI blue grip safety and single-sided thumb safety

Guide Rod

STI one-piece steel


Dawson fiber optic front sight with STI adjustable rear sight

Overall Length

8.5 inches


36.0 oz.


Flat blue

Magazine Comes with two magazines:
- 9mm/38 Super holds 9 plus 1
- 40 S&W holds 8 plus 1
- 45 ACP holds 8 plus 1
Competition Approvals IPSC, USPSA, IDPA, SSSA


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