High Performance Edge

Brazos pistolsmithing takes the STI Edge to a new level!

High Performance Edge, STI Edge with brazos upgrades

Brazos Price - $2,500.00 

We've taken the already proven STI Edge to a new level by adding a High Performance tuning package as well as the aftermarket parts most shooters want on their competition pistol.  The result is a  quality STI firearm that meets the Brazos standard for reliability and performance.

As a part of the tuning package, Bob completely breaks down the gun and examines each part to check for optimal fit and function. He fixes any problems noted during this inspection or returns the gun to STI.   He then does a complete trigger job setting the trigger to break at a clean, crisp 3 lbs.  (or heavier if you prefer).  As a part of the trigger job, he replaces the sear spring and mainspring (if needed), polishes the internal parts, recuts the primary and secondary sear angles (to properly allow for a lower trigger pull), squares up and polishes the hammer hooks, and adjusts the overtravel and pre-travel.  Much more than an adjustment, this is a complete refit of the trigger components which will last a long time. He also tunes/cuts/polishes the extractor, ejector, and feed ramp to the same specs as on our custom guns (that are known for their reliability).   Finally, he tests fires the gun using our test ammo to make sure it functions reliably and sights it in to hit point of aim at 25 yards.   

In addition to the High Performance tuning package, we add the following high performance upgrades:




 9mm or .40 S&W


STI Patented Modular Steel, Long Wide


Unique w/ Front and Rear Serrations


Long Curved


STI fully supported, ramped bull barrel


Stainless STI Grip and Ambi sided thumb

Guide Rod

STI RecoilMaster


STI Patented Modular Polymer with Brazos Big Mouth II Magwell

Includes Brazos Upgrades    

  • High Performance tuning package that includes a trigger job (clean, crisp 3 lb pull), gunsmith reliability check (tune extractor, tune ejector, check polish feedramp) and tune, and test fire.
  • Lightning Rod MicroDot fiber optic front sight with STI Adjustable Rear -- sighted in
  • Drilled and tapped mag release with Cyclone mag button
  • Big Mouth Magwell blended to frame
  • Test fire for function and sight in.

Overall Length



39.0 oz.


DLC coating

Magazine Comes with two 140mm magazine
Competition Approvals IPSC, USPSA

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