Complete Magazines

Leave it to Brazos Custom to come up with options.  Buy the "standard" capacity magazine that best suits your needs:




STI Magazine

The factory STI magazine is built using all STI parts.

STI Tube
STI Spring
STI Follower
STI Basepad

120mm, 126mm, 140mm length  = $60
170mm = $100/$107 for 9mm

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Brazos Super Tuned Magazine

Truly superior, the Brazos Super Tuned magazine uses premium aftermarket, and it has been tuned for reliability and maximum capacity. 

  • Tube dimensions (inside and out) are set for maximum feeding efficiency.

  • Lips of the tube are set to optimum specifications.

  • All sharp edges are rolled.

  • The tube is polished both inside and out to a high gloss, slick finish.

  • Magazines are tuned to fit the U.S.P.S.A. gauge and will hold 20+1 rounds of 40 cal or 21+1 of 38 super in 140mm magazines and 28+1 of 38 super in 170mm magazines.

STI Tube
Grams Spring/Follower
Grams, Dawson. or Taran Tactical Basepad

40 S&W/140mm = $150
38 Super/140mm = $150
38 Super/170mm = $175



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Note:  While most tuned 170mm magazines will hold 29 rounds, we recommend using no more than 28 rounds.  We have found that using magazines with 29 rounds can crack grips.