Grams Engineering
Follower Kit with Spring



The new “Grams Format” follower kit takes a major leap forward towards achieving flawless magazine performance.  A  dramatically enhanced follower made of space-age, slick plastic attached to a custom-designed spring creates a solid combination that provides the following benefits:


How many coils do I need? 

If total magazine length* is:

Then you need:

Greater than 140 mm:

  • 170 mm magazine

  • 140 mm tube with 11 mm basepad

13-coil follower kit

130 mm to 140 mm:

  • 140 mm tube with 2.5 or 4 mm basepad

  • 140 mm tube with plus 1 or SNL basepad

11 coil follower kit or

Cut two coils off the 13-coil kit

Less than 130 mm

10 coils – cut one coil off the 11-coil kit or three coils off the 13-coil kit

 * “Total magazine length” refers to the length of the complete magazine with basepad installed.  At the back of the magazine, measure from the top point of the magazine lips to the bottom of the back of the basepad. 

Stock up on the 13-coil follower kit for use with any magazine application.  If you need to cut off some coils, refer to the following illustration.  Cut in the middle of the bend adjacent to "loop 2," then bend the bottom piece back to a perpendicular position.


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